AX Retail Consignment Portal

web-based portal system developed for consignment suppliers of department store, hypermarket and etc. It enables consignee suppliers to view, enquire, analyse, print and download latest sales details from retailers POS counters through internet access anytime, anywhere by login to web portal.


Daily flash sales from retailers stores are posted to portal on a regular basis to furnish suppliers with updated sales data. With dynamic sales portal, sales team can respond quickly to any changes in the industry or market, enabling you to adopt a more opportunistic business approach. This will benefit consignees to be more engage with sales market in an efficient and speedy manner.


A real-time sales data provides accountability and visibility into sales performance. This is key to achieve optimal accuracy in sales planning, businesses need a strategy that allows them to integrate their sales, finance, and operational data together, so they can gain a single source of truth and plan their budget and sales forecasts alongside one another.


Mobile technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. The demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies are becoming increasingly important in the business environment.