Radiant Globaltech Berhad (Radiant Group), established in Malaysia in 1994, is an integrated technology solutions provider in South East Asia for retail and industrial sectors, across hardware, software, as well as maintenance and technical support services.

Radiant Group has proven expertise in developing in-house software for retail management and handheld/desktop applications and has expanded its offerings to include F&B retail solutions. Radiant Group had expanded its suite of products and services to support industrial players in the FMCG, electronics manufacturing and GLC subsectors.

The Group currently has direct operational presence in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Our Group


• Radiant Globaltech Berhad

• Radiant Global ADC Sdn Bhd

• Radiant Global Solutions Sdn Bhd

• Infoconnect Commerce Sdn Bhd

• Adaptive POS Sdn Bhd

• Grand-Flo Spritvest Sdn Bhd

• Arms Software International Sdn Bhd

• RG Posconnect Sdn Bhd

• RG Gateway Sdn Bhd

• World Pos Sdn Bhd

• World Portal Sdn Bhd


• RGtech Simat Co., Ltd.


Radiant Global ADC Vietnam Co., Ltd.


• Radiant Global ADC Cambo Pte., Ltd.